✦This website belongs to Valentinian's inventions, aiming to create and innovate technologies that contribute to the growth and wisdom of humans, bringing Earth closer to cosmic wisdom.

✦I follow cosmic science, which is why I can realize my vision!

✦Valentinian is a future holding company that combines projects, inventions, and companies that will become active in the future.


⛔️ Note: My name { VALENTINIAN } is now trademarked as it is exclusively associated with my inventions, companies, and projects. Therefore, please refrain from registering my name with any domain name extensions such as ccTLD, gTLD, or TLD. If this name is registered by you, I will easily reclaim the domain using existing documents through my lawyer. You would only waste your money and time! My name is not for sale, nor can you register it to sell. You should learn to respect copyright and trademark rights.

🛑And not only will you lose the domain, but your name will also be recorded in court as an infringer, because I provided this warning before the domain registration, which will create a negative record for you. So please spend your time registering a domain that is not trademarked.

🛑I have successfully removed my name from the ccTLD extensions registered by others through official complaints to ICANN twice, and now all names belonging to me are free. Therefore, please do not register my name under any circumstances. If you infringe, you will be responsible for the consequences.